February 6, 2023 LED filament lamp new product online conference

On February 6, 2023, our company invited some customers to hold an online press conference for the new products of LED filament lamps, aiming at promoting the new products and introducing the performance of the new products to our agents and customers for the purpose of promotion.

The meeting was held at 10am. First, the Sales manager Woody made a speech to the customers. She first expressed her New Year wishes to the customers and thanked them for their support all the time.

After 3 months of research and development, this new product has improved the efficiency of the power supply and the luminous efficiency of the lamp strip on the basis of the original product, so that the performance of the product has been further improved. In terms of the energy efficiency level, it has been improved by 2-3 levels, which is fully in line with the newly ERP regulars in Europe. They are higher light efficiency, more energy saving LED filament lamp products, the main series are 160LM/W series, 180LM/W series and 210LM/W series, related to the specifications of A60 G/P45 ST64, 2.2W, 3W, 3.8W, 5W, 7W, 9W and so on.

The product power supply design has two kinds of linear power supply and switching power supply, according to different models to choose different power supply schemes.

Product color: Because it is a high light efficiency and energy saving product, the color is generally transparent, but other colors can also be selected.

No stroboscopic.

Lamp holder model selection: a variety of lamp holder, E12, E14, B15, B22, E26, E27 and other kinds of lamp holder, to meet a variety of interface and replacement needs.

At the launch conference, we interacted with customers and answered relevant questions raised by customers. Many customers had purchase intention for these new products, and the launch of new products was successfully held.

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Post time: Feb-13-2023