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Illuminate your space with our energy-efficient LED filament light bulbs. Enjoy the warm glow and long-lasting performance. Shop now!

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LED Filament Light Bulb G95.

Money saving 360 degrees beam angle,nearly identical in color to incandescent bulbs.Replace 60W incandescent bulb by 8W filament LED Bulb, save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting.It can produce warm,comfortable and intimate feeling and atmosphere.

Easy installtion.E26/E27 medium base (medium screw base),easy to install and use. No VU and IR radiation. Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements. Great Reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly.

Long Service life.The estimated product lifespan is 25000 hours lifespan. No longer need to replace led bulb frequently.Energy Saving, low heat and lower power consumption. High luminous efficiency.

Suitable for indoor use in home, shop, kitchen, living room, dining room, office, bedroom,hallway, restaurant, lobbies, cafe ,dining room,hotel and outdoor enclosed fixtures,etc.


LED Filament Light Bulb G125

Features an elegant vintage Large Globe design with cutting-edge LED Technology.The result is a modern light bulb that brings back the nostalgia of the early incandescent lamps of the Gilded Age.
Best for fixtures with clear glass shades or simply unadorned, this bulb adds an old-time charm to any room coupled with unparalleled energy efficiency and safety (no harmful substances like mercury).
This bulb enhances its nostalgic look, evoking the hand-wound, spiral carbon filaments of the late Victorian era and the tungsten filaments of the early 20th-century, while spreading a warm 360° glow.
Further energy efficiency control is made possible by its dimming ability, allowing you to regulate its brightness and its electricity consumption. This bulb comes with an average rated life of over 25,000 hours.




  • LED filament lamp, can easily make 360 degrees circle luminous bulb, with similar shape and light distribution curve of incandescent lamp, from the appearance, LED filament has better performance, the biggest advantage is not only has the traditional incandescent lamp "shape", but also takes into account the"soul" of LED lighting, is the sense of the ideal light source instead of incandescent!

  • They have a strong decorative role, can be used as holiday lights or as atmosphere lights at home, restaurant, church or other places .
  • Meanwhile,they have high efficiency ,can be used as a home and office energy saving alternative bulbs.
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