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Energy saving LED filament bulb with high efficiency & good appearance & retro element

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Our ST64 120LM/W filament bulb can provide different wattage and color temperature options to meet your needs. These energy-saving bulbs have a service life of 30000 hours and are made of durable materials, so they are not easy to break.
These energy-saving bulbs use the latest filament technology, which can save a lot of energy and electricity while providing high brightness lighting. Moreover, after strict testing and verification, our bulbs can also provide a service life of up to 30000 hours, which means that you do not need to change the bulbs frequently, and can also save you time and money more effectively.
Our ST64 120LM/W bulb uses high-quality materials, including high-quality filament and reliable lamp holder. This means that our bulbs have excellent physical performance and stability, and can maintain high durability and stability during use, thus protecting the safety and health of you and your family.

LED filament design is a technology innovation, with low current and high voltage characteristics, effectively reduce the LED heating and driver costs, has outstanding advantages.

LED filament is driven by 10mA current, the voltage is 84V, the power is 0.84W, the luminous flux is 100lm, the luminous effect can reach 120lm/W,140lm/W,160lm/w,180lm/w,210lm/w, high CRI with excellent photoelectric performance.

Light environment has been paid more and more attention in interior design. The use of a variety of lamps and lanterns, the combination of point, line and surface lighting, can not only produce a strong visual and aesthetic sense, but also create a comfortable and artistic lighting environment according to people's life scene, lighting needs, physiological and psychological characteristics.

With a filament lamp scheme, controlling multiple lights at once with one button will not be a dream. No matter in the home, restaurant, or other places, group lamps can help you achieve chic surprise and romance, with lighting to create your own special time, enjoy the intelligent creation of happiness moments.



1.Packing type--1pc/color box packing; 1pc/blister; industrial packing for replacement.

2.Payment terms:30% deposit & balance before delivery or after get B/L copy.

3.Our major business manner:We specialized in replacement market or government project of energy saving,and also for super market & importers.


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