Led Candle C35 Led Filament Bulbs With Wide Voltage From 110-240v

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Introducing our LED Candle C35 LED Filament Bulbs, the perfect combination of elegant design and energy-efficient technology. These bulbs are designed to perfectly mimic the look and feel of traditional incandescent candles, while providing the benefits of modern LED technology.

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With a wide voltage range from 110-240V, our LED Candle C35 bulbs are suitable for use in a variety of locations and environments. Whether you're looking to illuminate a cozy restaurant, a stylish hotel lobby, or your own living room, these bulbs provide the perfect warm, inviting light.

The LED filament technology used in these bulbs ensures a beautiful, soft glow that is perfect for creating a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. The classic C35 shape and clear glass housing make these bulbs an ideal choice for chandeliers, wall sconces, and decorative fixtures.

In addition to their stunning appearance, our LED Candle C35 bulbs are also incredibly energy-efficient. With a long lifespan and low power consumption, these bulbs can help you save money on your energy bills while reducing your environmental impact. They also produce minimal heat, making them a safer and more comfortable choice for any space.

Our LED Candle C35 bulbs are easy to install and are compatible with most standard fixtures. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you'll find that these bulbs are a versatile and simple lighting solution.

At our company, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable products that enhance the beauty and functionality of any space. Our LED Candle C35 LED Filament Bulbs are no exception, offering a perfect blend of style, efficiency, and value.

Illuminate your world with our LED Candle C35 bulbs, and experience the perfect combination of classic design and modern technology. Say goodbye to outdated, energy-wasting incandescent bulbs, and make the switch to our LED filament bulbs today.




  • With INMETRO certificates.
  • Wide voltage series LED filament bulb products, can meet the use requirments in different voltage areas.
  • They have a wide range of use,can meet the demand of different regions.
Packing and shipping MASTER CARTONS
Delivery and after-sales BY NEGOTIATION
Certification CE LVD EMC

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